Essentially, Northern Edge Books is a grand name for some desk top publishing from the spare room. Until recently most of my work has been as a climbing instructor, teaching all things related to the hills, from mountain navigation through to Scottish winter climbing. I still teach, but over the past few years I’ve spent a large proportion of my time putting together two guidebooks. Books of quality that will hopefully inspire people to get into the hills.

When compiling the guides, I’ve stuck to the premise that they should only contain stuff that can be done by mortals. More importantly, I’ve made sure that they include something for everyone. They are as informative as needs be and don’t go beyond that. Both books have been printed in the UK, using a company that also cares about the quality thing (Gomer Press in Llandysul).

If you purchase a book from this website, all the money will reach me (I wouldn’t want to paint the purpose of this site as being anything else). There’s no doubt you’ll be able to buy these books cheaper from a certain online retailer, however you’ll feel much warmer inside if you purchase them directly from me instead… and you’ll also be helping to fund project number three!

No money has been spent on advertising or promoting either book. If you’ve discovered their existence and arrived at this website, it is most likely to have been through word of mouth or by reading a kindly written review. I’ll keep it like this.