Some background snippets to the book

The guidebook was researched over a period of three years. During which time there was a lot of ferreting around in the mountains to select 50 of the best scrambles in North Wales. This was a much more rewarding thing to do than initially anticipated, mainly due to a long list of local residents who provided some ace company, shared their knowledge and ensured the project was fun and worthwhile.
It’s a great book for people who like biffing around in the mountains.
There are 224 pages.
Its dimensions are 116mm x 170mm.
It’s not that heavy and will fit in your pocket (just).
Printed in Aberystwyth… that’s not in China.
All the selected scrambles lie within a 20km x 15km area of northern Snowdonia. A relatively small area as far as mountains are concerned, so dead easy to get around.
This site has been built so that you can purchase the book directly from the author and help recoup the ‘not so small’ amount of cash and the vast amount of energy put into the project. So if you’d be kind enough to order a copy here, rather than via a certain large online retailer, it would be hugely appreciated.
North Wales Scrambles

Update – July 2016

The book has been selling really well. Beyond all expectations.
The first print run has sold out (never saw that coming!). The second print run has just been delivered (with a few minor updates and this time with ‘immediately’ spelt correctly on page 143).
A big thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy. And an extra thanks to the folk who’ve been kind enough to purchase from this site.
If you order a copy now, there will still be a book on its way to you the following day.