2nd edition – pocket-sized with a retro hardback cover

Beyond all expectations a second print run of the book sold out (possibly helped by ‘immediately’ now being spelt correctly on page 154). A big thanks to everyone who has bought a copy.

Given that the book has been so popular, I’ve put together an updated 2nd edition.
All 50 scrambles have been re-visited and their descriptions revised where necessary (to be honest, only a handful of minor revisions were needed, as very little had changed in the mountains). As I now know a lot more about cartography, I also took the opportunity to re-draw the maps… just because I could and to make them that wee bit nicer.

The book’s physical construction has also been improved, making it into a proper old-school guide that feels solid in the hand. As far as possible, the binding process copies the classic Welsh guidebooks of the 1930s – a cloth-bound cover gives the book strength and a traditional look. A thin polymer laminate over the cloth is a modern addition, to stop the white cover design from picking up any shite.

North Wales Scrambles

– 224 pages
– 116mm x 170mm
– it’s not that heavy and will fit in your pocket (just)

A great book for people who like biffing around in the mountains. All the selected scrambles are within a 20km x 15km area of northern Snowdonia – a relatively small area as far as mountains are concerned, so dead easy to get around. In addition to the easy to follow route descriptions the book features high resolution topos, which help identify exactly where the more intricate scrambles go.

The topo to the east face of Tryfan

Approach routes are clearly shown on the book’s bespoke maps and pinpoint-accurate grid references are given for the start of every scramble. The guide is designed to be used with the popular 1:25,000 Ordnance Survey Explorer Map of Snowdon (OS 17).

The approach map for the three routes in the upper Nant Ffrancon Valley

There are also photographs of every scramble… and canny ones at that.

Scrambling on the North Arete of Foel-goch

Some sample pages…